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Patent Information
Often at no cost one may quickly and easily determine if a trademark is available to registration and use. Similarly, patent protection is a real consideration for many business owners. The US Patent and Trademark Office features an outstanding website. Trademarks may be researched and patents researched, viewed, and printed quickly and easily from this site: Patents and Trademarks in Your Business

Patents and Trademarks are two examples of intellectual property. Intellectual Property being things that one may own but are intellectual in nature rather than tangible.

What are Trademarks?
Trademarks are those names that one may reserve for business use (examples include Techron® gasoline, Dove® soap, and Charmin®). They are easy and inexpensive to file for and one does not necessarily need to secure professional services to secure a trademark. One is required, within a few months of registering, to demonstrate that the trademark is actively used. Also, a trademark may be registered and used by different entities if they are used in different markets. An example may be Dove® soap and Dove® Ice Cream Bars: Dove is used by each in different market segments. The public is notified that a name is a proprietary trademark by designating with the TM or ® symbol.

What are Patents?
The intent of issuing a patent by a government is to document how products are made in order that knowledge is made public. In "payment" to private individuals for the disclosure of know-how, the government gives the discloser the exclusive use of a novel and unique idea, product use, product, or process for a defined period of time (usually 19 years). In order to qualify for a patent, the disclosing party must demonstrate that the "claims" of the patent are novel and not obvious. Patent holders are required to inform the public when their products are patented in order to preclude unknown infringement of a patent.

Government Regulations

Entrepreneurs should research the government regulations that will affect their business. Areas to explore are complied in this article:
Government Regulations and Your Business

Import & Export
Information to prepare entrepreneurs for the prospect of doing business abroad is complied in this article:
Import & Export

Doing Business with the Government
  • Georgia Secretary of State

  • Georgia Department of Revenue
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Small Business Taxes & Management - offers tax "To Do" lists as well as "News" and
   "Tip of the Day" pages.

  • Export-Import Bank of the United States
  • Georgia Department of Industry Trade and Tourism (GDITT)
  • Georgia International Trade Data Network
  • U.S. Dept. of Commerce, International Trade Administration

Financial Terms and Calculations

Managing a business requires knowledge and information relating to financial measurements. The following attached article describes different measurements within business as to financial affairs. Although the definitions and explanations are not meant to be inclusive; it is meant to give adequate knowledge of that particular aspect:
Financial Measurements

Finding Money

Angel Financing
Entrepreneurs seeking non-debt financing face a number of challenges. The attached article "Angel Financing" offers assistance with one of these challenges.
Angel Financing

Differences Between Equity and Debt The attached article "Difference Between Equity and Debt" shows the ways equity and equity-like investments differ from debt.
Differences Between Equity and Debt

Finding the Money You Need
The attached summary "Finding the Money You Need" focuses on ways a small business can raise money and explains how to prepare a loan proposal.
Finding the Money You Need

So You Want to Borrow Money to Start a Business?
There are certain fundamentals of borrowing that you should be conversant with and the attached article "So You Want to Borrow Money to Start a Business?" explains these fundamentals.
So You Want to Borrow Money to Start a Business?

Related Links

  • Atlanta Technology Angels - Atlanta-based group of angel investors seeking investments in early stage technology companies.

  • Brainworks Ventures - Brainworks Ventures is a venture development and asset management company focused on building a portfolio of high-growth business opportunities developed from corporations and universities, as well as traditional entrepreneurs.

  • Hi Tech Partners Group - Hi Tech Partners is a group of highly successful CEOs who help build, grow and re-position technology businesses.

  • NextStart Capital - NextStart Capital is focused on developing early stage Internet business ideas into sustainable businesses. NextStart Capital provides seed capital, business planning, strategy, and personnel.

  • Network of Business Angels & Investors - An organized angel investor membership/networking group for angel investors, venture funds, entrepreneurs, companies, and executives that facilitates the identification of target business opportunities and the matching of the venture capital/angel funding, human resource skill sets, and advisory services.

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