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Rapid Prototyping
These printers are excellent for the following uses:

Proof of Concept
This rapid prototyping technology may be used as a design tool to create inexpensive models early in the design process. The ability to produce quick, inexpensive ABS plastic models allows designers to model multiple concepts. Physical models produced with this equipment allow all on the design team to review the concepts in near-finished form. In turn, users receive better feedback resulting in a better final product. This rapid prototyping equipment allows companies to achieve real time collaboration on a global scale.

Functional Testing
These systems allow one to test form, fit and function - and as many design iterations as one my need - right from a desktop.

These Printers generate durable models in ABS plastic (the most commonly used plastic in manufacturing today). ABS allows one to build durable and functional prototypes that can withstand rigorous testing and without warp, shrink or moisture absorption. Furthermore, these models can be drilled, tapped, sanded and painted. \

Product Cost Reduction
Everyone knows that there are many costs involved in developing a new product. This equipment allow MDC clients to reduce those costs significantly.

MDC's rapid prototyping equipment quickly enables better communication and collaboration among all involved in the process. Poor communication, extensive changes and missed deadlines increase costs exponentially throughout each step of the design and development.

Vacuum Forming
ABS models produced on the MDC's rapid prototyping equipment are excellent master molds for the vacuum forming process. Similarly produced molds are used extensively in vacuum forming applications in the automotive industry for trim pieces and a variety of interior components. Consumer product companies use these models for items ranging from plastic glasses to food containers.

Vacuum forming is used in a variety of applications in the aerospace and medical industries and is widely used in "blister pack" packaging system design.

Sales Tools
ABS plastic rapid prototype models are an outstanding way to generate product examples and sales aides. Since these models can be sanded, painted, and chrome plated. Take a look at the front-end loader to the left. This model was printed in multiple pieces using two colors. Imagine showing this quality model to a new prospect. You are able to place a real-life product into someone's hands in a day. Now that's impressive!

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