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Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is the MDC intended?

The MDC program is open to all applications whose ambition is to grow their enterprise within Georgia. Small, existing companies and start-ups alike are welcome. The MDC discriminates solely on business judgment (i.e. Fundability, soundness of the business model, etc…) and our ability to physically (within the confines of our facilities) accommodate the needs of a client.

How can I learn how to write a business plan?

If you are interested in becoming involved in Lanier Technical College's Manufacturing Development Center you will need a business plan. You can receive direct assistance in developing your business plan through Small Business Development Centers. Click here to be redirected to their website.
To help you get started on your own, click here to download a comprehensive outline of the Do's and Don'ts of writing a business plan.
Should you need help with developing a Cash Flow.

What can the Manufacturing Development Center do for me? 

Provide assistance from experienced business professionals at no charge:
   - Finance
   - Intellectual property
   - Production
   - Logistics
   - And more ...

Reduce the cost of your start-up or early stage company through:
   - Favorable lease rates for office, warehousing, and manufacturing space
   - Shared office resources (copiers, printers, fax, phone, etc…)
   - Reduced development time and costs through the use of the MDC’s rapid prototyping equipment

Provide valuable flexibility that allows your company to expand in bite-sized increments… for example, should today your requirement be only 150 sq ft of production and 200 sq ft of office space then that is what you may lease. If tomorrow your requirement should leap to 10,000 sq ft of production space then your lease may be modified to meet that need.

Reduced costs and direct access to Lanier Technical College's manufacturing training facilities.

Direct access to Lanier Technical College's automated equipment for facility design and layout, small-run production, and operator and technician training:
   - Robotics
   - Robotic welders
   - Vision systems
   - PLC automation systems

How long may participants stay in the MDC?

The duration of a company's stay at the MDC is at the discretion of the MDC Director and is determined by many factors. In short, there is no predetermined timetable, but regular reviews of MDC client status should be expected. Given the MDC's goal of job creation, the objective is to see that the MDC's services are accelerating the process for corporate survival for as many MDC clients as possible.

Will my information be held in confidence?

Absolutely. Business plans and applications are distributed only to the extend necessary for the review, processing, and in support of an application to the MDC.

How may Lanier Technical College's training expertise be made available to MDC clients?

Lanier Technical College's Center of Innovation for Manufacturing Excellence (CIME) is an important asset from which MDC clients can benefit. CIME's mission is to provide research and development and training in high-tech robotics and automation techniques that are key to manufacturing in today's world of commerce. MDC clients have direct access to the equipment and know-how important in fusing these technologies into their production processes where there is a fit. To learn more about the CIME click here (link to new CIME video) or contact CIME Director Judy Parks at 770-531-6350

How does the MDC work with the University of Georgia's Small Business Development Centers (SBDC)?

SBDC and MDC coordinate activities and efforts every day on a client-by-client basis and on a more broad scale. SBDC is an outstanding resource for preparing for an entrepreneurial endeavor: training, business plans, publications and more. The MDC works with clients to actively implement SBDC training and business strategy within the confines of an actual company. Furthermore, we refer clientele to each other in order – there is no point duplication of efforts.

Post-graduation, will MDC clients have an obligation to remain in the Gainesville/Hall County area?

There is no obligation to remain in the Gainesville/Hall County area. The MDC's role is to simply prepare a company to compete effectively and to help activate the business strategy. Once that mission is complete, it is up to the ambitions and needs of corporate management to decide where the company will maintain operations.

Can I contribute to the efforts of the MDC in creating more manufacturing jobs in Georgia?

Yes. The Manufacturing Development Center has received funding from a number of local interests. For a complete list click here. Your tax deductible contribution shall be payable to the Lanier Technical College Foundation. For more information, contact the MDC Director at 770-535-9220 or Lanier Technical College's Foundation at 770-533-7034 or

What Rapid Prototyping Equipment is available at the MDC?

The MDC houses state-of-the-art rapid prototyping equipment on-site specifically for the benefit of MDC clients: Top-of-the-line Dimension® three dimension printers.

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