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Academic Programs

  All Programs Currently Offered
Accounting Degree (CIP: 520302) Gas Metal Arc Welder Certificate (CIP: )
Accounting Diploma (CIP: ) Gas Tungsten Arc Welder Certificate (CIP: )
Advanced CAD Technician Certificate (CIP: ) Geriatric Care Assistant Certificate (CIP: )
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Certificate (CIP: ) Graphic Design & Prepress Certificate (CIP: )
Advanced Fire Administration Certificate (CIP: ) Health Information Management Technology Degree (CIP: )
Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welder Certificate (CIP: ) Healthcare Assistant Certificate (CIP: )
Advertising Layout Specialist Certificate (CIP: ) Healthcare Management Technology Degree (CIP: )
Air Conditioning Technology Diploma (CIP: ) Healthcare Marketing Certificate (CIP: )
Alternative Energy Fundamentals N/A (CIP: ) Healthcare Science Certificate (CIP: )
Applied Technical Management Degree (CIP: ) Horticulture Degree (CIP: )
Architectural Systems Drafter Certificate (CIP: ) Horticulture Diploma (CIP: )
Automotive Chassis Technician Specialist Certificate (CIP: ) Industrial Electrician Certificate (CIP: )
Automotive Climate Control Technician Certificate (CIP: ) Industrial Fluid Power Technician Certificate (CIP: )
Automotive Collision Repair Diploma (CIP: ) Industrial Mechanical Systems Diploma (CIP: )
Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician Certificate (CIP: ) Industrial Motor Control Technician Certificate (CIP: )
Automotive Engine Performance Technician Certificate (CIP: ) Industrial Systems Technology Diploma (CIP: )
Automotive Engine Repair Technician Certificate (CIP: ) Industrial Systems Technology Degree (CIP: )
Automotive Refinishing Assistant I Certificate (CIP: ) Infant and Toddler Child Care Specialist Certificate (CIP: )
Automotive Refinishing Assistant II Certificate (CIP: ) Interior Design Assistant Certificate (CIP: )
Automotive Technology Degree (CIP: ) Interior Window Treatments Certificate (CIP: )
Automotive Technology Diploma (CIP: ) Interiors Diploma (CIP: )
Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Tech Specialist Certificate (CIP: ) Interiors Degree (CIP: )
Basic Fire Company Officer Certificate (CIP: ) Internet Specialist - Web Site Design Diploma (CIP: )
Basic Metal Fabricator Certificate (CIP: ) Internet Specialist - Web Site Design Degree (CIP: )
Basic Residential Air Conditioning System Design Certificate (CIP: ) Internet Specialist Website Developer Certificate (CIP: )
Basic Residential Gas Heat Design Certificate (CIP: ) Landscape Design Technician Certificate (CIP: )
Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder Certificate (CIP: ) Landscape Specialist Certificate (CIP: )
Bilingual Customer Service Specialist Certificate (CIP: ) Lathe Operator Certificate (CIP: )
Building Automation Systems Diploma (CIP: ) Linux/UNIX System Administrator Certificate (CIP: )
Building Automation Systems Degree (CIP: ) Machine Tool Technology Degree (CIP: )
Business Administrative Technology Degree (CIP: 520401) Machine Tool Technology Diploma (CIP: )
Business Administrative Technology Diploma (CIP: ) Marketing Management Diploma (CIP: )
Business Management Diploma (CIP: ) Marketing Management Degree (CIP: )
Business Management Degree (CIP: ) Marketing Specialist Certificate (CIP: )
CAD Operator Certificate (CIP: ) Medical Assisting Diploma (CIP: )
CDA Preparation Certificate (CIP: ) Medical Assisting Degree (CIP: )
Child Development Specialist Certificate (CIP: ) Medical Coding Specialist Certificate (CIP: )
CISCO CCNP Specialist Certificate (CIP: ) Medical Front Office Assistant Certificate (CIP: )
CISCO Network Specialist Certificate (CIP: ) Microsoft Excel Application Professional Certificate (CIP: )
CNC and Machine Tool Technology Diploma (CIP: ) Microsoft Office Applications Professional Certificate (CIP: )
CNC Specialist Certificate (CIP: ) Mill Operator Certificate (CIP: )
Computer Support Specialist Diploma (CIP: ) Mobile Electronics Technician N/A (CIP: )
Computer Support Specialist Degree (CIP: ) Motorsports Chassis Technician Certificate (CIP: )
Cosmetology Diploma (CIP: ) Motorsports Engine Builder Certificate (CIP: )
Criminal Justice Specialist Certificate (CIP: ) Motorsports Fabrication Technician Certificate (CIP: )
Criminal Justice Technology Diploma (CIP: ) Motorsports Vehicle Technology Diploma (CIP: )
Criminal Justice Technology Degree (CIP: ) Motorsports Vehicle Technology Degree (CIP: )
Dental Assisting Diploma (CIP: ) Networking Specialist Degree (CIP: )
Dental Hygiene Degree (CIP: ) Networking Specialist Diploma (CIP: )
Design and Media Production Specialist Certificate (CIP: ) Nurse Aide Certificate (CIP: )
Design and Media Production Technology Diploma (CIP: ) Office Accounting Specialist Certificate (CIP: )
Design and Media Production Technology Degree (CIP: ) Ornamental Iron Fabricator Certificate (CIP: )
Digital Illustration Specialist Certificate (CIP: ) Paramedicine Diploma (CIP: )
Drafters Assistant Certificate (CIP: ) Paramedicine Degree (CIP: )
Drafting Technology Degree (CIP: ) Patient Navigator Certificate (CIP: )
Drafting Technology Diploma (CIP: ) PC Repair and Network Technician Certificate (CIP: )
Early Childhood Care and Education Diploma (CIP: ) Pharmacy Assistant Certificate (CIP: )
Early Childhood Care and Education Degree (CIP: ) Pharmacy Technology Diploma (CIP: )
Early Childhood Care and Education Basics Certificate (CIP: ) Phlebotomy Technician Certificate (CIP: )
Early Childhood Program Administration Certificate (CIP: ) Physical Therapist Assistant Degree (CIP: )
Electrical Control Systems Diploma (CIP: ) Practical Nursing Diploma (CIP: )
Electrical Systems Technology Diploma (CIP: ) Programmable Control Technician I Certificate (CIP: )
Electrical Utility Technician Certificate (CIP: ) PV Installation Technology N/A (CIP: )
Electrical Utility Technology Diploma (CIP: ) PV Technical Sales Technology N/A (CIP: )
Electrical Utility Technology Degree (CIP: ) Radiologic Technology Degree (CIP: )
Electronics Fundamentals N/A (CIP: ) Residential Care Technician Diploma (CIP: )
Electronics Tech N/A (CIP: ) Residential Wiring Technician Certificate (CIP: )
Electronics Technology N/A (CIP: ) Robotic Technician Certificate (CIP: )
Emergency Management Diploma (CIP: ) Sales Professional Certificate (CIP: )
Emergency Management Degree (CIP: ) Shampoo Technician Certificate (CIP: )
Emergency Medical Technician Certificate (CIP: ) Small Business Marketing Manager Certificate (CIP: )
EMS Professions Diploma (CIP: ) Social Media Marketing Certificate (CIP: )
Engineering Technology Degree (CIP: ) Solar Electrical Technician N/A (CIP: )
Entrepreneurship Certificate (CIP: ) Solar Energy Manufacturing Technology N/A (CIP: )
Esthetician Certificate (CIP: ) Solar Energy Technology N/A (CIP: )
Fire Fighter I Certificate (CIP: ) Supervisor/Management Specialist Certificate (CIP: )
Fire Fighter II Certificate (CIP: ) Surgical Technology Diploma (CIP: )
Fire Officer I Certificate (CIP: ) Surgical Technology Degree (CIP: )
Fire Officer II Certificate (CIP: ) Sustainable Urban Agriculture Technician Certificate (CIP: )
Fire Science Technology Degree (CIP: ) Technical Specialist Certificate (CIP: )
Fire Science Technology Diploma (CIP: ) Visual Merchandising Associate Certificate (CIP: )
Firefighter/EMSP Diploma (CIP: ) Welding and Joining Technology Diploma (CIP: )
Garden Center Technician Certificate (CIP: )
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